Warren Peak, Black Rock Campground - Site #30, Joshua Tree National Park, California

Warren Peak - 5.35 miles

Black Rock Campground - Site #30

Mt. San Gorgonio (11,499') from the Warren Peak Trail

Mt. San Gorgonio (11,499') from the Warren Peak Trail

Round-Trip Length: 5.35 miles
Start-End Elevation: 4,085' - 5,103' (5,103' max elevation)
Elevation Change: +1,018' net elevation gain (+1,140' total roundtrip elevation gain)
Skill Level: Moderate
Dogs Allowed: No
Bikes Allowed: No
Horses Allowed: Yes
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Warren Peak - 5.35 Miles Round-Trip

Warren Peak (5,103') is located 2.65 miles from Black Rock Canyon Campground in the Little San Bernadino Mountains of Joshua Tree National Park. These mountainous Pinyon-Juniper woodlands - which as recently as 10,000 years ago were prevalent throughout the Park - are now considered a 'Relic' landscape.

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Warmer and drier temperatures have forced their retreat into higher, more isolated elevation pockets, subsequently segmenting and reducing overall populations. Hikers will enjoy a transitional landscape, varied terrain and exceptional views from the summit:

The trail begins from Campsite #30 in the Black Rock Canyon Campground and heads south along an unmarked road-trail toward a large water tank.

At .17 miles the road-trail forks at the water tank: turn left and look immediately to the right for a small trail sign. Make a right at the sign onto singletrack, which rolls easily through dense scrub and Joshua Trees framed by nearby mountains and ridgelines.

It crosses a wash (.55 miles) and continues straight to the Warren Peak-Panorama Loop and Burnt Hill Trail split (.6 miles : 4,117'). Though easily read, the signs can be confusing: the wide wash right in front of you is Black Rock Canyon Wash, and the correct way to Warren Peak.

The wash-trail has few obstacles but moderately deep sand will likely challenge your pace. At .86 miles (4,190') a signpost steers you left though a bend in the wash toward PL-WP (Panorama Loop and Warren Peak, respectively). Simply follow this sign and stay in the wash to remain on course.

You'll come upon Black Rock Spring - identifiable by series of small puddles and damp spots in the wash - after 1.3 miles. Beyond this it narrows considerably and reaches the first of two marked connections with the Panorama Loop Trail at a well-defined fork in the canyon (1.6 miles : 4,420'). Continue south (straight) toward Warren Peak.

In this ecological transition zone note the emergence of pinyon, juniper and oak while Joshua Trees are infrequently seen. Look for wildflowers and blooming nolina and beavertail cactus in the late spring. Despite rugged surroundings, the wash itself continues with few impediments on a very steady grade.

The wash-trail reaches a second fork and connection with the Panorama Loop Trail (1.95 miles : 4,543'), beyond which the upper canyon opens with a better perspective on the high, rolling space through which you're traveling. The trail forks again at the Warren View spur (2.25 miles : 4,685'); bear right towards Warren Peak.

The final .4 miles are exceedingly steep and fairly rugged. The summit is a small, pointed rock pile with dramatic 360 views that include Eureka Peak (5,518') Mt San Jacinto (10,834'), Mt. San Gorgonio (11,499'), the Coachella Valley and towns of Palm Springs and Yucca Valley.

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Interactive GPS Topo Map

Key GPS Coordinates - DATUM WGS84

  • N34 04.281 W116 23.457 — Trailhead at Campsite #30
  • N34 03.715 W116 23.312 — Connect with main trail
  • N34 03.715 W116 23.516 — Burnt Hill - Black Rock Canyon Trail junction
  • N34 03.408 W116 23.765 — Black Rock Canyon Spring
  • N34 03.225 W116 23.796 — Warren Peak - Panorama Loop junction #1
  • N34 03.053 W116 23.977 — Warren Peak - Panorama Loop junction #2
  • N34 03.072 W116 24.276 — Warren Peak - Warren View junciton
  • N34 03.304 W116 24.429 — Warren Peak Summit

Worth Noting

  • Warren Peak is Joshua Tree's 10th highest peak. Despite only modest distance and net elevation gains, the majority of trail passes through deep sand. Anticipate longer-than-expected travel times.

  • Wildlife is abundant is this ecologically rich environment. Look for signs of deer, fox, coyote, rabbit and even mountain lions. Take note of mid and upper Mojave Desert plant communities blending together as you gain elevation.

  • This trail is recommended during extremely hot weather, as its canyons and higher elevations are cooler than lower, open desert trails.

  • Horses are common along this trail network. Follow proper etiquette.

  • Be considerate to those camping in the area and steer clear of occupied sites.

  • Cars left in the day-use parking area overnight will be ticketed.

Directions to Trailhead

From Highway 62 in Yucca Valley, turn south on and remain on Joshua Lane (do not veer off on Joshua Drive, 1 mile from the Highway 62 turnoff).

Joshua Lane dead-ends in 4.5 miles at San Marino Drive and bends to the right. Follow San Marino Drive .5 miles into the Black Rock Canyon Campground.

Park at the Ranger Station and walk to Campsite #30 (you may not park at this or any other campsite, as these spaces are reserved for occupants).

The trail begins from the south edge of the campsite on a dirt road-trail, heading towards the large water tank. There are few formal trailhead markings - follow the trail description above.

Contact Information

Joshua Tree National Park
74485 National Park Drive
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277-3597

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